We love Waakye and here’s Why

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Waakye is one of the most popular meals in Ghana.

The only thing more popular than Waakye in Ghana is Ghana Jollof (to be honest I think it’s just okay but what do I know?)

Waakye is a staple rice dish which is cooked with rice, red or black-eyed beans and dried millet leaves.

It is sold at almost every local food spot in Ghana. It can be eaten as breakfast, lunch and even dinner.


Waakye originated from the Northern part of Ghana where rice and beans are staple food crops.

Hence why Northern/Muslim women just tend to make the best Waakye (I know because I only buy from them and it’s amazing).

Why is Waakye special?

Every body loves a good Waakye meal, it’s always available and the combination of rice and beans with shito (black pepper) is an obvious taste of heaven in your mouth.

Doubt us? Check out the #waakyewednesday hash tag on Instagram, okay here is why we absolutely love Waakye.

It is always available

There is a Waakye joint everywhere, on almost every street, chop bar and food spot in Ghana. You can get it in the morning, afternoon and night. Even high end restaurants sell Waakye!

Balanced diet for cheap

A well-rounded Waakye dish contains all 7 classes of food, including water because all that shito will make you very thirsty. Did we mention you get all this for cheap! With just 6 cedis/ 300 naira/ $1.25 you can enjoy a full Waakye dish.

Waakye – 2 cedis

Garri and Macroni – 1 cedi

Fish or Wele/ boiled eggs – 2 cedis

Leaves – 1 cedi

It’s just awesome

More than anything else we love Waakye simply because it is just awesome, offer so much for less and it’s really tasty. I assume it will be difficult to make at home but you don’t need to worry about that because it’s everywhere and did we mention its super filling.

Here is a recipe anyway.

Be Adventurous

If you are new in Ghana, visiting for the first time or you simply are skeptical about new food, you need to try Waakye.

Waakye is absolutely fool-proof, it is important to make sure you buy from healthy spots and if you have a Obroni stomach make sure to stick to little or no black pepper (kpakposhito).

Tips to buying the best Waakye

If you are looking for the ultimate Waakye experience, check out this blog post by food blogger Naa Oyoo Quartey. She offers insider tips on finding and tasting the best Waakye.

Are you a Waakye fanatic? share your favorite Waakye spot with us. Tried Waakye recently? Share your thoughts with us.

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Until next time, Love Beautiful Almond

11 Replies to “We love Waakye and here’s Why”

  1. OMG I miss waakye I spell it as wanke though,i miss my childhood, it was sold right across my house, Those ghanaian women were golden.

    1. Really? Wow, Waakye is indeed the truth. Favorite Ghanaian meal forever

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  3. I’ve never had nor been a fan of waakye but now you be making me want to have a tip of it.

    Great article admin.

  4. Nice piece,I love it

    1. Thank you! Checking out your blog now

  5. Sometimes we don’t know how nice and lovely something is until we try it…
    I can remember my first three months in Ghana how I hated the sight of waakye… I don’t even like someone eating it beside me!! that was how much I hated it…lol… Then one day, a Ghanian guy took my hostel mates and i out and decided not to buy us anything except waakye saying we must try Ghana food😎 and I was so hungry😓… poor me… I had to… But when i took the first spoon, I couldn’t believe my tongue… It was so tasty and nice😲… I was even eating it slowly so it won’t finish fast!!! but it did😆… since that day, waakye became my best food in Ghana…
    So thank you very much Jane Frances for taking my mind back to waakye… the only problem now is that, I will start missing it😢

    1. I know! I had a similar reaction before I actually tasted Waakye especially the Garri and noodles part it really rubbed me the wrong way. But when I tasted Waakye, Wow! I started forcing everyone to taste Waakye.
      I am sorry that you can’t have it now though, I learnt it’s sold in some parts of Nigeria.

  6. Nice #Teamwaakye lol 🤘🏾

    1. All day everyday, do you remember the first time you had Waakye?

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