Lessons Learnt from Becoming by Michelle Obama+ A Freebie

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A flat lay of Michelle Obama’s Becoming Ebook

In the month of January I spent time taking in the splendor that is Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Favorite quotes from Becoming by Michelle Obama

The books tells a story of Michelle’s life’s journey, her childhood, teanage years, adulthood. It shares her experiences as a young lawyer, a public servant, marriage, motherhood, FLOTUS, plans for life afterwards.

I absolutely loved reading this book and there was so much to take away, It is a book I think every young woman needs to read.

Lessons learnt from Becoming

You are not alone

This book is  proof that every thing you are going through now in your life, there are women out there who go/ have gone through the same thing.

Whether you are struggling with lesser pay, discrimination at your work, low self esteem, lack of motivation, confused career direction.

Maybe you hate your job, are dealing with health issues, unhappiness in your marriage.

Whatever you are dealing with there are women like you, you are not alone. All you need to do is find these women and let their experiences guide you.

You have a voice and your voice matters

Yes you are a power house! Michelle reiterated this so many times in this book.  Becoming shows that as a woman you have a voice, an opinion that should be listened to and you have to use your voice.

It shouldn’t matter that you are the only woman on a table of men way older and more confident than you are. You have a voice, your opinion is valid, learn to make your voice heard.

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Never be afraid to dream big

As women we have being socialized to believe that we mustn’t want too much. We should want just enough but never so much or we begin to emasculate the men in our lives.

But this book is proof that it’s okay to have big dreams, it’s okay to be ambitious, it’s okay to want to do so much. If a man is emasculated by that, it’s his fault and not yours.

Hard work pays

We have always known that there is something about putting your back into, making an effort, working hard.

This book encourages women to work hard and smart, to put in time because it will pay.

You are always evolving and becoming

There is never a time that you would stop becoming, there is not a stage that you get to and stop wanting new things. We are constantly becoming, changing.

It’s okay to keep wanting different things out of life, to want to explore new opportunities in your career, it’s okay to even pursue a change in career.

Change is constant, we are always becoming; Child, Teenager, Young Adult, Adult, Graduate, Lawyer, Public Servant, Mother, Aunt, Politicians wife, Working mother, F.L.O.T.U.S, anything, everything.

Be firm in who you are before you entwine your life with another persons

Relationships can be tricky for women, even more tricky for career women. Michelle explained the need for women to know themselves, what they desire and seek out of life before they become strongly involved with someone.

It is easy to lose yourself, to disregard your passions and wants when you meet someone, especially if that someone has a strong personality. So know who you are and be prepared to put in work in order to remain yourself.

You need a tribe of supportive women

Favorite quotes from Becoming by Michelle Obama

Becoming makes sure to list out the importance of a girl tribe, it is evident that Michelle believes so much in female friendships.

She explained the impact that the women she has met through her journey have had on her life and development as a person.

As a woman you need good women in your corner to thrive. Young women, old women, house wives, less privileged women, girls, educated women, you just need women. Remember you can’t do this on your own, it takes a village!

Here you have it, these lessons and many more is why “Becoming” is a must read!

Share your favorite quotes and lessons from Becoming by Michelle Obama below in the comments section.

Freebie time

We have a free e – copy of Becoming by Michelle Obama and we would like for you to have it, all you need to do is subscribe below and we would send this book your way.

Until next time, Love Beautiful Almond

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I like this piece
Yet to read the book but I will definitely read after seeing this

Tobi Nifesi

I initially thought this book was for females only. Now I know better. Thanks for this brilliant review.