Celebrating WomanHood with Kossy Nzeagwu

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March is a month set aside for celebrating women and their many contributions to the society, as well as acknowledging the struggles that women around the world live through daily.

International women’s day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year across the world.

UN Women launches a new theme every year geared towards celebrating womanhood whilst also looking at ways to make the world a better place for every woman.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Think Change, Think Smart, Innovate for Change’ #balanceforbetter.

This year’s theme is about women collaborating, working together for the greater good of the gender. The theme is founded upon the bed rocks of collaboration and women coming together to create opportunities for one another.

Today Kosy Nzeagwu is sharing a  few things she loves about being a woman, some gender roles that should be discarded and why every woman should be celebrated.

What does Womanhood mean to you?

Womanhood to me means I have been gifted with an opportunity to be a nurturer, It means I have the ability to give life to ideas and to people that come my way.

What does International women’s day and Women history month mean to you?

International women’s day is a day to celebrate all women, every woman regardless of their age, color or social status is celebrated.

What do you love about being a woman?

I love that I can be feminine and soft, yet strong and powerful!

Why do you think women deserve to be celebrated?

Because I believe everyone deserves to be celebrated not just women but men too.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a woman?

I have had important opportunities passed to a male colleague because they felt he was more suited for the opportunity even though I was qualified.

I’ve had to sit by and watch the men get celebrated, worshiped and clapped for while I get to work my ass off just to be seen.

What are some of the gender roles society places on women that should be discarded?

The opinion that women belong either in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

How can we empower more women?

Take them to school, an educated woman is a powerful weapon in her community and nation.

How do you inspire and uplift the  women around you?

I am empowering women by using my voice and platform to speak up on things that concern women! Through my platform, I am reminding women that we can be everything we want to be.

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What are your thoughts on women as leaders, occupying non- traditional positions around the world?

If the crown fits she should own it and wear it proudly and boldly.

What would you say to the women that broke barriers and created opportunities for women?

I would say thank you, thank you for showing me that I can use my voice. For showing me that I can and should stand up for what’s right and for what I want.

Who are 5 Women that inspire you?

I am inspired by my mum, Viola Davis, Yara Shadidi, Oprah Winfry and myself (because I keep learning and becoming better everyday).

What is your greatest strength as a woman?

As a woman, my greatest strength is I am bold and fearless.

Who are some of the women that shaped your thoughts on Womanhood?

None, I’ve had to unlearn some of the things I was thought about being a woman and relearn new things.

How do you address people who view being a woman as a disadvantage?

Can I tell them to go f**k themselves(I guess I can’t) so I’m going to tell them to go burn in hell.

One advice for your younger self?

Dear Kossy work hard, like put yourself out there everyday.

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What do you love about being a woman? Let us know in the comment section below.

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