Living in Ghana as a Nigerian; Culture Shock

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Living in Ghana as a Nigerian

I have been living in Ghana for almost 7 years! (gasps, I still don’t believe it myself sometimes). It’s been almost 7 years since I  left home (Abia State) to come school in Ghana.

7 years of being in a foreign land, meeting new people, fending for myself and just straight up hustling.

When I first arrived in Ghana, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know what the people will be like, the food, I literally knew just my younger sister and whatever friends she had made in her 2 months of being in Ghana.

It was an interesting and challenging experience getting used to the similarities as well as the differences.

An image of the Kwame Nkrumah Masoleum, one of the most popular tourist sites in Ghana

In this post I would be sharing on what its been like Living in Ghana as a Nigerian and some culture shocks.

Disclaimer: I understand that borders still closed, this post is here to help in your preparation for a visit or move to Ghana in the FUTURE

You will be shocked by the food:

An image of Tuo Zaafi in a local earthen ware bowl, one of Ghana's staple dishes

When I first got to Ghana, I absolutely hated Ghanaian food. I was scared to try the food!

I mean they call what we call soup in Nigeria, stew over here! Imagine that and almost every swallow has some sort of corn in it.

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Street food is FAMOUS:

Ghanaian’s love their street food, there is a food spot on almost every street. Mothers buy street food for their children all the time and it’s kind of cheaper than cooking at home for some.

You can legit eat a balanced diet morning, afternoon and night without even boiling water yourself. There are people who hawk Banku and Okro stew.

You will be blamed for a lot of things:

Living in Ghana as a Nigerian, you will be the butt of the blame for almost any and everything especially if you are the only Nigerian around.

It doesn’t matter how reserved you choose to be, there will always be something that was your fault.

You will be shocked by the luxury they take for granted:

Ghanaian’s have light all the time, good roads and the drivers pause for you to cross the road.

What will shock you the most is that they don’t even see the blessings they have, as a Nigerian you will definitely understand what I mean.

An image of a girl Living in Ghana as a Nigerian

You will be harassed for not knowing Twi:

After being in Ghana for almost 7 years, I always get angry, disappointed looks when I tell people I have been here that long without knowing Twi.

They look at you like you have committed a mortal sin, some people especially the mates (conductors) will keep speaking Twi to you even though you told them you don’t understand nor speak Twi.

People actually respect Traffic Lights:

Aside from the fact that roads are good, there are street light on streets and traffic lights actually work.

People respect Traffic lights! even when it’s 2:00 am and there is no one on the road.

Ghanaian drivers will stop regardless of what time it is and no matter how many Traffic lights they have already stopped at. This was a shock for me, Nigerians know that drivers even disregard traffic wardens! Imagine traffic lights?

Ghanaian’s love to chop life:

I know Nigerians think Lagos is the official chop life venue but forget it, Ghanaian’s like enjoyment. They thrive on flexing and just enjoying life.

There is a public holiday for everything! They don’t joke with it and once that day is a holiday everyone is planning to CHILL no joke.

Charley Ghanaian’s don’t joke with their enjoyment, taxi drivers and shop owners sometimes close their business to watch Telemundo.

Imagine having this energy in Nigeria, na sand you go chop because grind no dey ever stop.

An image of a girl Living in Ghana as a Nigerian

If you love hard work you will progress:

We know how African government institutions like to make life difficult for you? Well in GHANA it’s not so bad, things are relatively easier. People have a good enough environment to grow and pursue their dreams.

If you are willing to put in work, you will see some progress, why do you think so many Nigerian boys come here to hustle?

There are lots of Nigerians and everyone knows everyone:

The worst thing that can happen to you out here is for your matter to cast. Chai! You will regret it, there are Nigerian everywhere in all 10 regions but Accra is the head quarters for Nigerians.

Everyone knows everyone and once your matter cast, everybody within your circle must hear am.

So when you are out here, respect yourself because you are representing your whole family.

House rent is raw gold:

The cost of renting a single room in Greater Accra Region equals my parents 3 bedroom flat in Abia State.

Yeah you heard that right! One room self contain cost 200 – 300 cedis (minimum) per month and you pay a deposit of 2 years to move in, no be gold dem dey dig?

If you are thinking of visiting Ghana or moving to Ghana any time soon, I hope this helps prepare you for the transition. You can check out my travel page to get details on where is worth seeing when you are here.

If you have lived, you currently live in or you have visited Ghana, what is one thing that shocked you when you first got here?

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Tobi Nifesi

Loved my time in Ghana. Such a beautiful country and people. Good to read about your perspective since you’ve stayed there longer.

Beautiful Almond

Yes indeed, Ghana is beautiful. Staying here is one of the best decisions I have made tbh.

Beautiful Almond

Thank you for reading!


Thank you for sharing.

Insightful read

Beautiful Almond

Thank you for reading. glad you enjoyed the read.