Book Review: 3 Books that re-inspired my Activism

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Book Review: 3 books that have Re-inspired my Activism

My love relationship with reading began when I was in Senior secondary school, over the years books have grown to become a permanent fixture in my life.

Books have been my source for inspiration, knowledge, life lessons and recently it has been a fuel igniting the flames of my activism. Today I will be sharing a book review of three books that have re-inspired me, all three books have themes spanning across feminism, gender inequality, gender based violence and child marriage.

Book 1: Dear Ijeawele or a Feminist Manifesto in fifteen suggestions by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Dear Ijeawele was the second book I read this year and I remember thinking why did I wait this long to read this book? What have I been doing?

The book is a response to a letter from Chimamanda’s friend asking her for tips on how to raise a feminist daughter. In the book Chimamnda explains what her premise for feminsm is. She talks about feminism in relation to gender roles, marriage, career, sexuality etc.

Why did this book inspire me so much?

Because it reminded me in simple terms why I am a feminst, it reminded me why this movement matters to me and to all women. It also inspired me to begin preparation to launch a series on my Instagram where I would discuss and explain feminism in lay man terms.

Book 2: The Girl with the Louding voice by Abi Dare

The Girl with the Louding Voice is a brillant book, it upset me very much but in a good way. I always say that the women have it so hard in this world, because people aren’t angry enough; this book more than confirmed that.

A story about Adunni, a 14 year old girl born and raised in a small village in Nigeria. A community that saw no problems in child marriages and felt it was useless to educate a girl. Adunni loved education, yet she was married off at 14 to a man older than her father.

The book explored themes like gender inequality, Sexual Abuse, Rape, Child labor, Human Trafficking. It mirrored what life is for girls and women in Nigeria educated or otherwise.

Why did I love this book so much?

I loved reading about Adunni, I loved everything about her, her strength, her resilence and her purpose. It inspired me to know that it was not weird to dream even at 14. Adunni was a survivor and I would like to believe that through my life and work, girls like Adunni will begin to live their dreams.

Book 3: A woman is no man by Etaf Rum

If I could describe this book with one word it would be painful, a story about how women are treated in patriarchal societies.

The book jumps back and forth between the stories of Isra and Deya (a mother and daughter). It tells about Isra’s life as a daughter in Palestine, an immigrant wife in America, a mother and then her death. It then tells the story of Deya and her struggles with very same traditions that took her mother’s life.

Why did I love this book?

Etaf Rum, introduced me to a world that was different yet familiar to me. This book evoked strong emotions within me, emotions that reminded me that there is still work to be done.

The book discussed themes like gender based violence, child marriages, marital rape and abuse, domestic violence, murder; all themes that I am very passionate about. You can read this book here.

I loved all three books because they reminded me of how important feminism is as a movement. I was reminded to never stay silent or quiet about gender based violence and discrimination.

These books reminded me that women suffer and aren’t valued except for our capacity to make babies. A notion we must continue to dispel until we create a world that is equal.

There you have it, three books that re-inspired my activism. I hope you enjoyed reading this book review.

Have you read any of these books? Which of these books are you looking forward to reading? Share below

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I read a feminist manifesto and I enjoyed it.

Your reviews are lovely and I’d love to read the other two.

Beautiful Almond

Glad you enjoyed reading it, all three books are amazing. You should, you can read A woman is no man on scribd, there is a link to get 2 months free scribd access on the blog.