Weekend Staycation in Kokrobite

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Weekend Staycation in Kokrobite

After a tasking end to 2020, an unexpected January spent battling covid19, my sister and I knew we absolutely needed a break from our normal life routine. We needed to spend some time in a bed that wasn’t ours, away from the responsibilities that saddle everyday life, we needed a trip. The requirements were it had to be a place with a beach, within a 2hr drive from our home in Accra and affordable.

We had the option of Kokrobite or PramPram, having never been to either of these places the only thing we had to help us decide, was the information on Instagram and Google. After much thought we decided on Kokrobite.

So on a Saturday morning at the end of Febuaray we packed our bags and set off for a weekend staycation in Kokrobite.

Getting to Kokrobite

The drive to Kokrobite took us exactly 1hr 30mins, we left home pretty early and it was a weekend so there was little to no traffic on the roads.

Navigating and getting to Kokrobite is pretty straight forward, you take a trotro heading to kasoa, alight at barrier and cross to the other side of the road, then take a hired taxi or loading taxi that takes you to Kokrobite.

Day 1

Kokrobite reminded me of my village at first sight, it’s a small town quite nothing like Accra, it had a slower vibe to it which was exactly what we were looking for. We arrived at our hotel Kokrobite Garden too early and had to wait for about 3hrs + to check in, in retrospect we should have asked if we could check in early or not before arrival.

During our wait, we walked around the town a bit in search of food, we wanted to try proper local chop bar type places but that didn’t work out so we had to search some more and found Dizzy Lizzy on google.

image of dizzy lizzy a restuarant in kokrobite

Dizzy Lizzy ended up being the perfect choice, the food was tasty, we loved the aesthetics of the space and it was affordable win win win

We eventually checked in & had time to unpack and rest, by late afternoon we were ready for some beach + drinks + food.

We walked around the beach and spent the rest of the evening at Dizzy Lizzy listening to the beach waves, some Afro beats. The entire evening felt like a warm hug.

Day 2

Day 2 was my favorite day because we had more time to really take in the beauty of Kokrobite Garden. Lush gardens, a gorgeous poll and birds chiming away to their heart’s content.

We wanted an easier morning so we took a walk around the garden, created some content for TikTok and got ready for the day.

By mid morning we headed to the pool, where we spent a good portion of the day lounging, drinking the sweetest red wine & dipping in the pool at intervals.

In the afternoon we had lunch at Big Milly’s Backyard, lunch was a vegetarian dish of ratatouille with mixed vegetables and fried rice . It was so tasty, if I knew vegetarian food tasted that good I would have tried it earlier, anyway lunch was so good, we watched the sea a bit and headed back to our hotel. We talked more about trying vegetarian food here

We learnt from our boss that Wakanda beach resort was a good spot to spend Sunday evening and that was exactly what we did.

Wakanda beach was perfect, white beach sand under our feet, clear bluish green water and good music. We walked around the beach, picked some sea shells and ended up at the bar where we danced the night away.

On Monday it was back to Accra, we hired a taxi to take us from barrier back home because we needed to get to work on time. It was the perfect weekend staycation in Kokrobite

A few things to note

  • We had a budget of 300 cedis per person and stayed well within it. 
  • Our Accommodation cost almost half of that per night but Kokrobite Gardens was worth it.
  • Kokrobite beach is not secluded, there are a lot of people and locals so if you aren’t very comfortable with lots of people then Langama beach or any of the other beaches will be a better option for you.
  • Kokrobite Gardens has an Italian restaurant, we thought it was a bit pricey for our budget so we ate in other places throughout our stay.
  • If you do go to Wakanda Beach Resort, make some arrangement for a taxi to drop and pick you up, there aren’t a lot of taxis coming that way so it may be a hassle to get back if you don’t own a private car.

Thank you for reading this blog, if you have any question be sure to leave me a comment and I will answer.

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Moya Anne

I’ve been following your updates on Instagram and I must say You’ve been enjoying your moment.

How important it is to sometimes take a break away from home to relax and put things together. Thanks for sharing this, I might consider it anytime soon 😘😘😘